The vision of Govt. of West Bengal on urban development is to provide a better and sustainable living environment in all urban centres through adequate provision of urban infrastructure and services, not only limited to creation of physical infrastructure but also provision of health facilities and employment opportunities.

The emphasis of the state’s urban development policy has been laid to create a livable, responsive, transparent, dynamic, environmentally balanced and investment friendly municipal system.

I cannot help quoting a few lines here from the Facebook page of Mamata Banerjee, our Hon’ble Chief Minister of Govt. of W.B. posted on 07/07/2015………….

“Today is the 99th administrative review meeting at Bolpur in Bhirbhum District. As is the practice, my entire Secretariat is present here.

Our mission is – Government goes to people; from CMO to BDO to grassroots.
This is how we ensure that the fruits of good governance reach the people faster. No other State in our country has conducted such regular meetings at grassroots level.”

This is no doubt the best set example of a prolonged, untiring and relentless effort of a woman Chief Minister who has been infusing a dream in our eyes that we can develop and we must develop. May whatever come, may whatever happen, this pace of development will never be stalled.

I am also taking pride in mentioning the name of our Rastraguru, the “Father of Indian Nationalism” Sir Surendra Nath Bandopadhyay, founder of Local Self Government in India, who was the first Indian Elected Chairman and he held that chair in this Municipality for long 34 years from 1885 to 1889 and from 1891 to 1921.

I am committed to the people of our ULB for their all-round development and prosperity. And I do assure that all our Councillors, officers and employees will work hand in hand to fulfill this mission.

North Barrackpore Municipality


Molay Ghosh

North Barrackpore Municipality