Solid Waste Management


The total Solid Waste generated 42 MT per day. In primary collection method Solid Wastes are collected from deferent households and accumulated into two separate transfer station bins. In secondary collection method the collected wastes by tri-cycles are transfer to covered refused trailers. The Bio-medical wastes are separately collected by the WBPCB affiliated agency SEMBRAMKY. Segregation of Solid Waste are made at the dumping ground. The North Barrackpore & Garulia Municipality jointly run there composting plant at Garulia Municipality

A study was conducted during 2010-11 at Garulia Municipality in coordination with North Barrackpore Municipality, West Bengal to evaluate a new biodegradation process called “Novcom composting method” for management of municipality solid waste (MSW).

Water Supply under JNNURM

Existing Water Supply Scenario

In North Barrackpore Municipality the total quantity of water supplied through piped system is 16.28 MLD per day on an average. The quantity of surface water supplied is 4.28 MLD, which is about 18% of the total quantity supplied through the piped system per day. Ground water accounts for the rest of the supply. There are 21,711 domestic connections and commercial connections. the per capita water supply quantity is 125 lpcd. There are 513 stand points and 307 tube wells provided and maintained by the ULB at present. There is no facility for treatment of the water to bring it up to drinking water quality. The Deep Tube wells are directly connected with the network.

There are 4 OHRs within the North Barrackpore Municipality & 4 OHRs within Barrackpore Municipality. Public Health Department, Government of West Bengal, constructed those in the year 1972 to 1974. The capacity of each reservoir is 60,000 gallons. Charging of these OHRs is being done three times daily. Major repair work was undertaken in the case of two OHRs in 1997-98. All the existing OHRs are in very poor state and has to be dismantled.

Proposed Water Supply Scenario

Raw water will be drawn from river Hooghly. A new jetty will be constructed near the existing jetty of KMC and PHE at Palta, North Barrackpore. Raw water Pumping Station will be constructed on the riverbank and the water will be sent to the WTP site. The WTP will consist of raw water receiving well, flash mixer, floculator, clarifier with plate settler technology, rapid gravity filters (nozzle based false bottom), chemical house with chlorine tonner room, annexe building, wastewater re-circulation pump house, sludge pump house, sludge tank, clear water reservoir and clear water pump house. This quantity of water will be supplied from WTP in 24 hours while the boosting station will operate for 22 hours. The capacity of the clear water reservoir is 1.50 MGD, and the capacity has been calculated from mass balance of the water demands. This storage reservoir will be constructed as a semi-underground one and will act also as the service reservoir for the North Barrackpore municipality.


Total No. of CDS 2
Total No. of TCG 241
Total No. Member of TCG


Skill Development Training in SJSRY and KUSP
1. Tailoring
2. Soft Doll Making
3. Bag Making
4. Batik Print
5. Dry Food Manufacturing
6. Handloom
7. Beautician
8. Motor Driving
9. Welding

BSUP projects started in 2008 under JNNURM. The total no. of dwelling work Started 1005 & Complete 948 in 29 slum. Water supply network 6847 Mtr, Drainage network 6937.50 Mtr, Concert Road 18975.31 Mtr, Black Top Road 589.00 Mtr & Street Light 187 nos complete.